Isn’t it about time you unplugged the kids – and yourself – from the world for a bit? Forget about work, school, cell phones and tablets for awhile and get back to the basics. Family time spent together is a great investment in your future, and in the future of your family. You’ll learn more about each other in one day at one of our cabins on Pelican Lake in Orr, Minnesota than you might otherwise in a week at home! Talk to each other, listen to one another, and most importantly, play together!

At Island View Resort, we have tons of great activities for you and your family to experience, whether you want to catch some fish for dinner, play yard games, hit up the pool table at the main lodge or spend an afternoon making sandcastles!

And if anyone needs some quiet time, enjoy a walk around the peninsula, or hit up one of the nearby hiking trails for some great head-clearing exercise!